Learning Mathematics Together Project C

Classroom Dynamics/Management


How are the learning goals communicated?

How do individual students/teachers know the expectations of their role/task/responsibilities?

What modes are used to communicate the instructions for the learning activity?

Does the video link increase or decrease the opportunity for individual students to have questions addressed quickly and appropriately?

How are the instructions assessed throughout an activity?

How are the skills of the effective group work introduced and built upon?

Established Routines

Was it necessary/desirable for the established routines at both sites to be identical?

How are the materials/resources available and easily accessible for teachers and students to use?

How are students immediately engaged?

Engaged Learners

How are all the students engaged in each portion of a lesson?

Which situations were students not engaged and the reason(s) why?

Did the video link increase/decrease engagement? Do you think this effect will be sustained?

What opportunities were provided for a variety of levels of thinking?

What parts of the experience was relevant and of interest to the learners? Responses to Behaviour

What techniques are used to manage student behaviour, discipline, late arrivals, etc in a way that minimizes disruption of instructional time for others?

How was an instructor able to identify and respond to student ideas in the other class?

Alignment of Practices

What procedures and practices are consistent between the connecting classrooms?

Classroom Dynamics/Classroom Set Up

Lesson Content/Goals

What is the physical set-up of the classroom to optimize effectiveness of video conferencing?

How are groups established?

How do instructors switch from one class to the other?

How does the set up support Differentiated Instruction?

Classroom Movement

How does the arrangement of the classroom allow for quick student/teacher and student/student interactions?

How are quick transitions executed amongst the connected classrooms?

How are the materials/technology distributed and collected quickly?

Accommodation of Special Needs

How are students with physical needs accommodated?

How are learning preferences of students incorporated, where possible?

Classroom Dynamics/Relationships

Know Students

How do the students from the connecting classrooms get to know each other?

How do the teachers from the connecting classrooms get to know each other?

How do the students benefit from the interaction with both instructors?

Culture of Respect

How are the classroom norms developed collaboratively with the students?

How do the instructors share the tasks? Switch roles?

How are the students asked for input/feedback?