Features of a Graph

DAY 1: Video conference Lesson

Learning Goal:
1. Introduction to Edmodo (online discussion forum) and working together online.
2. To introduce the features of a graph

Introduction - done by teacher 1 (5 min) - over video conference
- how to login to Edmodo
- in separate classrooms, login onto Edmodo and give a quick introduction to your group members

Minds On (8 min) - over video conference
Show bar graph - What could this represent?
1 min to think
2 min to pair and share
5 min whole group share
-can only share if you have something different

Action (15 min) - video conference on mute after instructions shared with both classes
Edmodo - decide on group survey question with maximum 4 possible answers
Room leader, whoever is signed in from Mrs. McGuire's class posts the question in the main Learning Math Together room
Sharing your interests - sports? animals? subjects in school? until all rooms have posted their questions

Consolidation (20 min)
Respond to the polls on edmodo

Smart Notebook File:

Day 2 - No video conferenece, independent

Learning Goal:
1. To introduce the features of a graph
2. To create a graph from data collected from a survey

Minds On
IWB - review of kinds of graphs

Choose graph style and create graph to represent the data collected from the surveys on Tuesday.

Day 3 - Videoconference

Learning Goal:
1. To identify features of graphs that help us to understand and interpret information

Minds On
Review a couple of different graphs, with labels, titles, etc. What is the same between these graphs? What is different? Is there something on this graph that helps you to understand what it means?

Choose one of the graphs made by the members of your group that best communicates what you learned from your survey.

Why do we use graphs? Where would they be helpful? What features should a graph have to help us to understand it?

Smart Notebook File