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Learning Math
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A pilot project that started off with the goal of investigating the opportunities of using technology to overcome some barriers to provide professional development for teachers in a large geographical board, has lead to some surprising findings. Three pairs of teachers started the project. Now, more are involved and the project has taken many spins and adaptations. A variety of technologies have been added to connect the students even more between the classes.

Step 1: Teachers connected in partners. They co-planned lessons that they would co-teach via video conference
Step 2: Teachers co-taught lesson using video conference equipment
Step 3: Teachers debriefed their lesson via Skype or Adobe Connect.

*note - many classes expanded the co-teach to involve collaborative projects where their students communicated in online forums (such as TIGed, Edmodo, Adobe Connect)

General Resources

Classroom Dynamics Edugains Math site (Classroom Dynamics resources on this page)
Permission forms
Polycom Video Conference Equipment "how to set up"

Possible Technologies


Grade 4/5 - Michele McGuire,
Grade 6 - Marci Duncan,
Grade 6 - Margaret Johnson
Grade 3/4 - Rebecca Shea
Grade 3/4- Dave Heidman
Grade 2 - Cindy Yeo
Grade 8- Elaine Vodarek,
Grade 8- Darryl Bax,
Numeracy Consultant - Trish Steele
ICT Consultant - Jim Carleton,
ICT Consultant - Jaclyn Calder,